23 9 / 2013

I just spent a few days in Vienna for a conference and tonight I’m spending the night in London before I fly home tomorrow. Had a great time visiting Austria and meeting people who often can’t make it out to the US. Excited for my last leg of the journey home.

20 9 / 2013

My pal Anna came out to London and we spent a week enjoying the city. We had tea at Harrod’s (see the teapot) and stayed in a flat in the former leather district, which explains the names of local businesses (see the signs).

15 9 / 2013

Last weekend I went to Howlett’s Wild Animal Park in Cantebury. It is a great park with a program to breed and re-release critically endangered animals back into the wild. The habitats were lovely and I was very impressed. Rhinos and tigers and gorillas, oh my.

06 9 / 2013

1. The walk down to the park and back after dinner.

2. Making my own aeropressed coffee with the right amount of milk and pumpkin flavoring.

3. Driving home after Aerial Yoga in Chapel Hill on Saturday afternoons.

4. Seeing people I have known for more than a week.

5. The 90% of my wardrobe I did not bring.

6. Cooking food I want to eat with ingredients I recognize.

7. Cats.

8. The couch with blankets, tea, and TiVo. And cats again.

9. Really, anything familiar.

10. Frank.

05 9 / 2013

Here are some views of the completely bizarre hatch I have to cross in order to access the specimens. If I touch my toes in the “doorway” my sacrum hits the top of the threshold. It’s sort of like those half floors from Being John Malcovich. Truly the most bizarre set up yet.

01 9 / 2013

On Setting Deadlines for Graduation

  • 1: ...well, I am hoping to graduate before I turn thirty.
  • 2: What is it about thirty? Why are students trying to finish their Ph.D.s by thirty? [turns to me] What about you?
  • 3: I AM thirty... not looking good.

01 9 / 2013

Frank and I had a fabulous trip to France. I actually learned un peuFrench - my pronunciation is poor, but my comprehension is surprisingly not too bad. We visited the Lourve and Musee d’Orsay (to see Mona Lisa and Whistler’s Mother respectively). Our hotel gave us tickets for a boat tour, so we cruised by Notre Dame and Île de la Cite’ as well as dozens of other landmarks on the Seine. We had a great time walking around the city, and I got to do a little bit of shopping. The highlight was that we were staying very close to the Eiffel tower, so we passed it every day and visited it at night when it was twinkling.

This morning we sadly parted ways - he is headed home on a flight out of Charles De Gaulle, I took a train to London St. Pancras and then onto Birchington-on-Sea. I arrived recently and the village I am staying in is very small. I got disoriented on my way to the B&B and a friendly local helped me figure out my route on his phone. There is a cat named Amber who looks like a short haired Lola. There is wifi. There is Netflix! I am excited to spend the next couple of weeks here.

31 8 / 2013

City of light

City of light

31 8 / 2013

Frank and I try to recreate the terrible photo from the movie Forget Paris. It was getting dark so I don’t think we nailed it, but you get the idea.

29 8 / 2013

I am curious about what this toy store is all about.

I am curious about what this toy store is all about.